Product Development

In order to keep existing customers and especially to attract new customer segments it is not enough to always offer the same product portfolio. Because products are becoming more interchangeable within the market and are also subject to the changing needs of your target audience, it is essential to regularly expand theproduct line with new, high quality products. But good products are only a beginning. You should also always keep an eye on the competition by testiung the target group, advertising and marketing channels selects that actually lead to the customer.

We know what defines a good product and where we need to source it for you. We introduce your new product to the market and have an attentive eye on your competitors. We are specialized in the area of distance selling where other cost factors are found than in classic brick-and-mortar retail. We work with reliable partners in Europe and overseas who can supply high quality products at competitive pricing.

We provide the right advertising for optimum sales and consult on your pricing strategy for the German market. Additionally we are your competent partner in all issues and opportunities of duties, taxes and logistics.